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How to make a portfolio website? Website builder for portfolio

How to make a portfolio website? Website builder for portfolio

To build a website for a portfolio is very important. Keep in mind that the people who will want to work with you will pay attention to the portfolios on your website. You need to create a website with animated, great galleries. First of all, your website has to be Google and seo friendly. Now let's learn how to build a portfolio website with the drag-and-drop method. Please follow the steps carefully. This article was prepared with a simple explanation of each architect to create a website easily. How to make SEO settings for portfolio website? How to upload photos and videos steps for creating a beautiful portfolio website that will be featured on Google are included in this article.

How do internet pages for architects? How much does the website cost? Maybe do you need a website builder for an architect? Yes, dear architects and industrial designers are in the right place if you are looking for a beautiful and Google-friendly ready-made website template to create a portfolio website or publish all your blog work visually. Architects investigate these words on Google;

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What are we need?

1. Website name

2. Website builder (My recommendation is Wix)

3. A website logo

4.SEO friendly architect website template

5. Original articles about your work and services.

6. Google and SEO friendly domain.

7. Effective use of social media for your website

8. The best way to use Google tools for your website

First of all, I want you to know. You can be a successful architect. Maybe it is an architect with experience in years. Perhaps your course of studies and want to create a portfolio website to showcase your work. Creating a portfolio website before anything is like writing a book.

You should add all your work to your website in the best way with the best tools.

Now let's get started. But first, you can subscribe to Wix in seconds by clicking here.

All you have to do is click on the image that says '' START now '' to become a Wix subscriber and follow the next steps.

1. Website name

You are an architect, the website is your name, may be related to your surname. Or you can specify a brand name. My recommendation is to write a word related to your sector, which is your website name. Because people search for '' industrial design '' or '' architecture office '' they will search. So the keyword is very important. But most importantly, it will be SEO-friendly articles that will take place on your website.

2. Website builder

You need to find and subscribe to the website builder that best suits you. My recommendation to you architects is the Wix website builder. Because Wix gives you 1-year free domain and various applications free of charge. All of Wix's website templates are friendly to Google and SEO. With Wix ADI (Wix artificial design intelligence) you can automatically create an SEO-compliant architectural website. 2. Alternatively, you can use the website templates for architects prepared for you.

3. Website logo

You must create a logo for your Website. This way your website will see value form Google.

4. SEO-friendly portfolio website templates

As I recommend you, the Wix website builder offers you the most suitable and SEO friendly website templates. Wix's website templates are created by the world's best website designers. All you have to do is subscribe to Wix, organize your prepped website templates. With drag and drop and Wix tools, you can have a website within 15 minutes. That is why Wix is ​​the best website builder. We will soon learn how to make a website with visuals.

5. Original content

Visuality is very important in portfolio websites. All of Wix's designs and content tools have been developed so you can get the best website.

You should pay attention to SEO rules while adding your work to your website. You should definitely add a blog for your website. And you must prepare original and unique articles to this blog. You should add at least 3 or 4 keywords to these articles, which will be composed of 400 - 2000 words.

in your article keywords and key phrases bold, italic, you must mark. This makes it easier for business and Google's robots can crawl your website seamlessly.

When you add visual content to your article or website, be sure to fill in the '' alt text '' section. In this way, Google understands what the image on your web is about. This way people who do an image search on Google will come to your website.

6. Google and SEO friendly domain

When creating a portfolio website for the architect or for a different sector, you absolutely must have an SEO friendly domain. Google does not like very long domains. Do not use (-) while creating a domain. If possible, write a keyword relevant to your industry within the website domain.

I want to give an example. (This is wrong) (this is the right choice)

If you are going to get a domain name with a name, it must be short.

While creating your website with the brand name, you absolutely add original articles about keywords that are relevant to your business sector to your website. That way you can appear on the first page of Google

While reviewing your Google website, he cares very much about how that very article contains relevant keywords in your website as a total. This is called '' keyword density ''. No matter how many articles your relevant keywords, your website will accept Google so authoritarian.

7. Effective use of social media for your website

One of the most important things to be considered when creating a website for a portfolio is the effective use of social media.

You must create an account on every major social media platform for your website. Social media sharing platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit are the most important ones.

Once you have created social media accounts for your website, you should share all your pages and your new articles from these accounts. In this way, your website will gain a social signal. In addition, social media is a very effective platform today. When people search on Google, they look at your social media accounts at the same time.

One of the advantages Wix offers you;

Using the Wix app market, you can easily add your social media accounts to your website. Remember to link and confirm your social media accounts with your website.

8. The best way to use Google tools for your website

The important things you need to do after to build an SEO friendly portfolio website are the following.

You must use Google tools effectively.

* Create a Google my business account and add your information. That way, anyone who searches Google for architectural design in the city you live in can see your business or personal website on the first page.

You can click here to create a Google my business account.

* Use Google analytics. With this application, you can watch people logging in to your website. Most importantly, you can help Google analyze your website traffic.

You can click here to create a Google analytics account.

* Use Google Search Console.

With the Google search console, you can check your website's Google indexes. You can submit your sitemap to Google. But if this sounds complicated to you, do not worry. Wix SEO Wizard does this for you automatically.

You can click here to create a Google search console account.

I will tell you how to create a website with pictures.

And you will have knowledge about Wix SEO wizard. If you use the Wix SEO Wizard, you do not have to pay extra for an SEO expert.

To use the Wix SEO Wizard you need to be a Wix editor or Wix ADI user.

You can click here to subscribe to Wix.

Now let's learn how to make a portfolio website with pictures

Once you have subscribed to Wix, first choose the package that suits you best. These packages are VIP, eCommerce, Unlimited, Combo and Connect domain packages. If you pay annually, you can get a free 1-year domain and Google Adwords gift voucher worth $ 100.

Wix gives you 2 options to create your website.

1. SEO friendly website templates for you.

2. Website settings with WixADI ( Wix artificial design intelligence ).

Now create your portfolio website with Wix ADI.

Write your Website name in this step

In the next step, you should choose which sector your website is about

This step Wix ADI to seek information from you, add this information fully. You should also add a Logo. If you add the logo, Wix ADI website colors can be created with this logo inspired.

in this step, you can choose additional apps you'd like to include on your website.

Will your website be a online store?

Will there be a blog on your website? (must be)

Should you be booking on your website?

Follow the steps

And Wix ADI has prepared your portfolio website. Now you can edit your pages. Please keep reading to learn how to set SEO settings for your pages.

Now let's learn how to create a website with SEO friendly website templates prepared for you.

You can choose the most suitable use-ready website template for you. As you have seen in the left menu, sector names are included. Here you can make your choice. You can edit the website template you have chosen as you like.

Yes, we have chosen our website template. Now we can edit our pages and SEO settings. (I will soon tell you about the website SEO settings)

With the Wix app market, you can easily add your blog, video and social media applications to your website.

Be sure to create additional categories for your website and make sure the most important ones appear in the menu.

Website seo settings and tips

1. How to set the SEO settings oN the portfolio website page?

As you have seen in the picture, you should write the information exactly as you want in the fields indicated. I recommend using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to see which keywords and phrases are searched in the locality where you live locally. As you can see, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner shows you which geographical location you are in, how many times in geographical locations, and how many times. Do not forget to write these words in the SEO settings of your website.

Click here and open your Google AdWords account for use keyword planner

As you can see here, all the keyword suggestions related to '' best website builder '' and the search rates are shown to you.

You can create a Google Adwords account.

2. Adding alt text to images

As you have seen, you should type '' alt text '' for each image you add to your website. In this way, Google robots can understand what the images on your website are about. This way, the Google visual search will show website content and people will come to your website.

3. Create a Google my business account.

Create a Google my business account and add all of your information. Share your website blog posts here. This way your website will appear in local Google searches. You will also gain natural backlinks.

4. How to use Wix SEO Wizard?

You no longer need to find a paid SEO expert to check your website SEO settings. Open the Wix SEO wizard and add the exact information you are looking for.

Choose 5 keywords and make sure they are on your website.

The Wix SEO Wizard will automatically scan your entire site and show you what you are missing.

Once you've completed all the actions, your sitemap will automatically be sent to Google.

It's all that easy.

You should submit your sitemap to Bing and Yandex search engines other than Google.

5. Social media sharing and social signals to obtain

As I mentioned in the article, share all the pages on your website in your social media accounts. This way you'll get a social signal, which will affect your Google ranking.

6. SEO-Friendly contents

The most important thing for your Website is website articles. You should write informative articles about 400-2000 words in size. You can search the Google for your sector to find out which keyword you need to write about.

Or you can use Google Keyword Planner.

As I mentioned at the beginning of our article. When writing an essay, always write important words and keywords in bold or italic.

Wix premium pricing

It's that easy with Wix to create an SEO friendly portfolio website. Produce original content. And share it everywhere. If possible, use the Google search console. Send your entire website pages to Google quickly with '' Fetch as Google ''.

You can watch the Wix ADI presentation video of Avishai Abrahami, the CEO of Wix.

Editor note:

Creating a website is like cultivating plants.

This is your website

These are your original content

Once you have chosen the best website builder, you will create a good website with the SEO settings I tell you about. That way you'll be spread across Google and other search engines.

As a result, organic traffic will come to your website.

Good luck.

Emre Ata Wix expert, webmaster and, SEO expert

To summarize;

1. Subscribe to Wix.

2. Follow the steps when the system asks you which website you want to set up for which sector.

3. Select the web page template that best fits your needs and creates your own.

4. Add your site's relevant visuals, create your galleries, blog posts and easily add them to your website.

5. Once you have made the SEO settings of your pages easily with the Wix SEO wizard, come to the last step.

6. Choose the one that best suits you from Wix premium packages and connects a nice domain to your website or net.It's that simple.Remember, in our day, social media and some sites are very important for getting business from the sector and getting freelance business. It should be remembered that in this sector, companies searching for human beings and architects search on search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, and certain keywords in a city-based and global sense. If you create an internet page and your website contains the original articles and sectoral information about the keywords related to your sector, then your chance to improve! In addition, you can automatically create your website with artificial intelligence with Wix ADI.To subscribe to Wix now;

Hallo, mein Name ist Emre. Sie können mich kontaktieren, wenn Sie Hilfe beim Erstellen Ihrer Website benötigen.

Emre Ata zertifizierter Wix Trainer und Webmaster

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